6 Best Coffee Shops in Girona Spain (2023)

Stairs in Girona, Spain

Last Updated on September 16, 2023

Welcome to Girona, Spain! Home to rolling hills, cobblestone streets, and some of the world’s best coffee shops. Oh, and have you ever heard of that semi-famous show Game of Thrones? Yup, several scenes were filmed right in the heart of Girona!

eiffel bridge in girona, spain.
Eiffel Bridge in Girona, Spain. Photo by David Vives.

When it comes to planning your next getaway, you won’t want to miss out on sampling all that Girona has to offer, and that includes the coffee. In this article, we will be giving you an overview of the best coffee shops in Girona for 2023.

Whether you’re a seasoned espresso connoisseur or just starting out with your coffee journey, Girona is sure to provide you with a unique experience unlike any other. From traditional cafes serving classic espresso-based drinks prepared with locally-sourced beans and spices to unique specialty roasters offering single-origin drip coffees and pour-overs – there’s something here for everyone.

And if you’re looking for something a bit different than regular coffee, try one of Girona’s many bubble tea or cold brew options!

Regardless of why you’ve decided to visit Girona – whether it’s for business, pleasure, or specifically because you’re a Game of Thrones fan – spending some time exploring the city’s thriving cafe scene is essential. Stop by one of these top-rated spots to get your caffeine fix and enjoy some delicious pastries while taking in the atmosphere. Let’s take a look at what makes each spot so special so that you can make informed decisions while exploring Girona, one of the most underrated yet best beach towns in Spain.

6 Best Coffee Shops in Girona Spain in 2023

Federal Cafe in Girona, Spain
Federal Cafe in Girona, Spain. Photo Credit: Federal Cafe

Federal Cafe

Federal Cafe in Girona, Spain is a must-see when visiting this enchanting city. The cafe has been a popular spot for locals and tourists alike for many years, and it’s easy to see why: the atmosphere at Federal Cafe is second to none. From the rustic decor that gives off a cozy vibe, to the scenic outdoor seating that is something out of a movie, to the excellent service, you’ll feel both relaxed and inspired at the same time.

When it comes to coffee, they don’t disappoint. All beans are ethically sourced from around the world, which ensures a fresh cup of joe every time. Whether you opt for their signature espresso or an ever-changing single-origin blend, you can be sure that your coffee will be robust with complex flavors. I highly recommend trying their pumpkin-spiced latte if you’re wanting something flavorful. They also offer specialty drinks such as cold brew and cold drip; perfect for those hot summer days in Girona!

In addition to great coffee, Federal Cafe serves a wide selection of creative foods, staple dishes, and drink items. There are delicious pastries such as toasted croissants; sandwiches such as the Reuben made with locally sourced ingredients; creative lattes like the beetroot super latte; as well as a healthy selection of beer and wine. Whatever you choose on the menu, there is no doubt that it will taste amazing. All food and drink items on the menu at Federal Cafe are made with fresh and top-quality ingredients.

If you’re looking for a great cup of coffee before you set out in the streets in Girona, make your way over to Federal Cafe! With its cozy ambiance and amazing coffee, it’s sure to become one of your favorite spots in town.

Federal Cafe

Address: Carrer de la Força 9, 17004, Girona, Spain

Website: Federal Cafe


La Fabrica cycle cafe in Girona, Spain.
La Fabrica Cycle Cafe in Girona, Spain. Credit: La Fabrica

La Fabrica Cycle Cafe

La Fabrica Cycle Cafe is an award-winning cafe and roastery that is an all-time favorite for locals and tourists alike. It is also an easy favorite of cyclists passing through, especially since it is co-founded by a long-time cycle enthusiast.

Established in 2009, it has quickly become a very frequented coffee shop in Gerona, garnering accolades from some of the top coffee connoisseurs around the world. La Fabrica proudly embraces its roots in Girona, crafting delicious espresso drinks with locally-sourced ingredients and espresso beans from its own roasting facility.

The atmosphere at La Fabrica is warm and inviting with plenty of seating both inside and outside. The baristas behind the counter are passionate about creating flavorful beverages and take great pride in providing customers with an unrivaled experience every time they visit.

From handcrafted cortados to single-origin pour-overs, there is something for everyone. The cortado is my personal favorite here. They start with a perfectly pressed shot of espresso and then add textured milk to the mix. Simple yet amazingly delicious.

Decoration-wise, La Fabrica’s interior is modern yet cozy with exposed brick walls, wood accents, steel stools, and vintage furniture pieces giving it a unique atmosphere. You’ll also see quite a few cycle-themed decorative pieces throughout the shop, including an actual road bike that’s hung up on the wall behind the counter.

In addition to offering excellent espresso drinks, La Fabrica also serves breakfast items such as freshly made pastries like croissants filled with local jams or vegan granola bowls served with seasonal fruits. Their lunch menu includes homemade soups, sandwiches made on freshly baked bread, salads tossed with house-made dressings plus daily specials of traditional Spanish dishes like paella or fideua amongst a few others.

No matter what time of day you visit La Fabrica you can be sure that you will get an amazingly crafted cup of coffee and quality food from friendly baristas, all while soaking up the vibrant atmosphere in one of Girona’s most beloved cafes. La Fabrica has truly earned its place as one of the best coffee shops in Girona Spain.

La Fabrica Cycle Cafe

Address: Career de la Llebre 3, 17004, Girona, Spain

Website: La Fabrica


Espresso Mafia in Girona, Spain
Espresso Mafia in Girona, Spain. Credit: Espresso Mafia

Espresso Mafia

Espresso Mafia is actually another coffee shop in Girona created by Amber and Christian Meier, who are the founders and owners of La Fabrica Cycle Cafe. And following in the footsteps of La Fabrica, Espresso Mafia is an absolute must-visit and a very popular coffee shop option in Girona, Spain.

Located close to the center of the city, this highly-rated cafe offers a variety of delicious beverages made from quality beans sourced from local farmers. The drinks are served with enthusiasm and a smile by experienced baristas who know their craft well- you’ll feel like royalty as you sip your cup of joe. The atmosphere at Espresso Mafia is very comfortable and relaxing, making it the perfect spot if you’re looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city (or just some A/C on a hot Girona summer afternoon).

At Espresso Mafia, you’ll find that you have access to an extensive menu that includes espresso drinks like espressos, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and lattes; brewed coffee made with various methods; specialty drinks such as flat whites and cold brews; hot chocolates; teas; and more. If you’re wanting a hot drink, you can’t go wrong with their cortado. For a cold drink on those hot summer days, their nitro cold brew is a big hit.

No matter what you decide to get, all of these beverages are prepared fresh daily with ingredients that are carefully chosen to ensure they are of high quality. The cafe also offers a wide range of baked goods such as cakes, cookies, muffins, and croissants that make perfect accompaniments to the coffee.

Beyond coffee, Espresso Mafia offers an array of amenities like free Wi-Fi, comfortable seating areas, and friendly customer service, making it the perfect place for digital nomads to meet client deadlines or simply pass time with some people watching. With its inviting ambiance and an awesome range of drinks to choose from, it’s no wonder why many consider Espresso Mafia one of the best coffee shops in Girona Spain today. The Meiers (founders) really know how to run a successful coffee shop or two.

Espresso Mafia

Address: Carrer de la Cort Reial, 5, 17004, Girona, Spain

Website: Espresso Mafia


La Comuna Cafe in Girona, Spain
La Comuna Cafe in Girona, Spain. Credit: La Comuna Cafe

La Comuna Cafe

La Comuna Cafe is a great place to start your day with a fresh cup of locally-sourced coffee. Offering some of the best coffee in town, this cozy cafe provides an intimate atmosphere that is perfect for enjoying a few moments away from the bustle of Girona or simply taking a break from a long day of walking.

La Comuna Cafe’s beans are sourced from small producers, who are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality. Their menu offers a wide selection of drinks, from traditional espresso and cappuccino to homemade cold brews, matcha lattes, and turmeric lattes. My favorite drink here is the Xocolata Calenta- absolutely amazing. As you would hope for, the baristas are highly skilled at making specialty coffees such as flat whites and cortados, and do so with smiles on their faces.

If you’re needing more than just coffee, La Comuna Cafe also serves a range of food items including hearty sandwiches, salads, and pastries. All ingredients are locally sourced and organic when possible. To top it off, they have an impressive selection of vegan options available too! Plus they offer free Wi-Fi so you can stay connected while sipping on your favorite drink.

The interior design exudes warmth with its rustic wooden furniture paired with modern decorations like exposed brick walls and industrial lighting fixtures. No matter how big your party is, the cafe has plenty of room for groups or solo visits alike. There’s also outdoor seating which is great during warmer months when you can soak up some sun and the city vibes while sipping on a nice cup of joe. With its inviting atmosphere and creative plates, La Comuna Cafe is definitely worth checking out when you’re in Girona.

La Comuna Cafe

Address: Carrer del Bellaire, 7, 17004, Girona, Spain

Website: La Comuna Cafe


Oniria cafe in Girona, Spain
Oniria Cafe in Girona, Spain. Credit: Oniria Secreta

Oniria Cafe

Oniria Cafe in Girona, Spain is yet another hot destination for coffee lovers looking to experience the best of Girona’s cafe scene. Located on the beautiful Passeig de la Muralla, the cafe provides espresso-based and filtered coffee drinks that are perfect for any time of day. With its cozy atmosphere, Oniria Cafe creates an inviting space for guests to enjoy their favorite cup of coffee.

At Oniria Cafe, you’ll have the chance to sample some of the best-quality coffees Girona has to offer. The cafe’s signature blend is a mix of beans from Nicaragua, Honduras, and Brazil – roasted at the local roastery – that results in a perfectly balanced cup with notes of caramel and cream. They have other blends as well, made from single original espressos of Columbia and Ethiopia.

Oniria specializes in using the best methods and equipment to craft a perfect cup, every single time. The Oniria Cafe also offers a variety of small plates, made fresh daily, such as croissants, flan cakes, and sandwiches. It’s no wonder Oniria receives raving reviews from so many visitors.

Oniria Cafe

Address: C. del Nord, 11, 17001 Girona, Spain

Website: Oniria Cafe

Menu: Not yet available online.

Hors Categorie Coffee Shop in Girona, Spain
Hors Categorie in Girona, Spain. Credit: Hors Categorie

Hors Categorie

Good coffee. Healthy food. Bike friendly. These are the words you’re greeted with when you visit the Hors Categorie site, and it really sums up what this great Girona cafe has to offer. Hors Categorie in Girona, Spain is a very cozy coffee shop that focuses on being bike-friendly, much like a few others on this list.

This café has earned its reputation as one of the leading coffee destinations due to its dedication to specialty coffee, and espresso drinks, and providing a very comfortable setting for locals, visitors, bikers, and everyone in between.

As masters of their craft, you can expect the coffee to be perfect with every pour. They offer traditional drinks including cortado, macchiato, flat white, and cappuccino. Some of their more creative coffee drinks include their golden milk, mocha latte, ice coffee bomb, and dirty chai. They even have a wide range of fresh-pressed juices and kombucha!

The atmosphere at Hors Categorie is cozy yet modern, with a beautiful interior featuring exposed brick walls, eclectic furniture, and plenty of natural light coming through the windows. There’s also an outdoor seating area with views of the old city that can be enjoyed during warm summer days. On top of their regular menu items, Hors Categorie offers various tasting flights and even has a rather popular cycling club for those in the bike cycling community!

If you’re looking for a great cup of joe while in Girona, make sure to check out Hors Categorie. This cafe takes pride in bringing quality espresso drinks made from hand-picked beans to their customers. With an inviting environment and knowledgeable baristas eager to share their passion for coffee making, this is definitely one of the best places for a cup of specialty coffee or espresso in Girona. You won’t regret it- I know I didn’t.

Hors Categorie

Address: Carrer del Perill, 3, 17001, Girona, Spain

Website: Hors Categorie


Best Coffee Shops in Girona: in Summary

Girona, Spain is home to some absolutely amazing coffee shops, arguably some of the best in Catalonia. Each of these cafes offers comfort, carefully selected decor, a wide range of menu options for food and drink, and of course, amazing coffee. Some of the best coffee shops in Girona include:

  • Federal Cafe
  • La Fabrica Cycle Cafe
  • Espresso Mafia
  • La Comuna Cafe
  • Oniria Cafe
  • Hors Categorie
Photo of Girona, Spain
Girona, Spain. Photo by David Vives

Girona, Spain is a beautiful city with plenty of attractions to explore and experience. But if you’re looking for something that will really make your trip special, it’s worth checking out the best coffee shops in Girona. Whether you’re a fan of classic cappuccinos or prefer more creative concoctions like matcha lattes, there’s sure to be something for everyone at one of Girona’s top-rated coffee shops. All of the above are great options to start with.

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